Open the autonomous
driving era with Smart Car technologies

Company Overview

  • ESV is a tech company specialized in new growth engine that leads
    the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

    In order to obtain a sustainable growth engine, we are in process of becoming a global IT platform company
    through equity investment and acquisition of domestic and foreign IT companies with advanced technologies.

  • ESV is a specialized B2B company.

    We are involved in every process from R&D to manufacturingand are a specialized B2B
    business company with a group of clients who are dominant in existing business areas.

  • ESV started with the pride of "being first".

    We have excellent human resources, who are the best in the field of video and audio processing,
    In order to acquire the major advanced technologies, we have brought in top experts as our boards of
    directorsfrom both domestically and abroad

  • With ESV, you can experience an effective business.

    ESV has everything that global IT companies have: a market potential of the industry,
    a global innovation, and the human resources.

Company Philosophy

  • Vision Statement

    To become a global SME that leads smart world
    with innovative technology

  • Mission Statement

    To offer people a comfortable and leisurely life
    via smart products that launch the autonomous vehicles era

Company History

ESV is in the middle of the history of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.We constantly strive to become a global IT platform company through our experience

2017. 04 Released Glimpse, Google-based AR platform
2017. 03 Signed strategic partnership agreement with New Lap, an American company
Received a 500 billion won business order with Vietnamese company, Thaison Group
2017. 01 Developed Depth Map Engine for Autonomous
2016. 10 Launched MiniDrone F1 Black Edition
2016. 07 Launched Racing Drone in the USA
2016. 03 Launched introductory mini drones
2015. 12 Listed on the KOSDAQ market
2015. 11 Started mass production of Racing Drones
2015. 10 Launched 3rd generation dash-cam for vehicles (FHD + HD)
2015. 08 Sold equity of its subsidiary ESVCOM
Supplied prototype of racing drone
Initiated Drone project
2015. 06 Established Audio Division
2015. 05 Launched 1st generation navigation system for vehicle
2015. 03 Contract initiated with Cowon System CO., LTD


Design ConceptTaking initial ‘V’ from vision as a design point, expressed the identity of ‘ESV’ which proposes technology innovation and prospect of future. Gray color represents ‘advanced technology and intellect’ and red color represents ‘passion and innovation’ together meaning ‘leading market with advanced technology’.


We are searching for passionate individuals who are interested in joining ESV.

  • who respects and takes care of the environment, the nature and the humankind
  • who is willing to ask for help and advice when one need it
  • who has an creative thinking, a strong analytical thinking and problem solving skills.
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Check out our office locations

Seoul Office : 11F, 443 Teheran-ro, Gangam-gu, Seoul
HQ Office : 403-1ho,C-dong, 744, Pangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
R&D Lab : 1306-ho, Adong Tera Tower, 167, Songpa-daero, Songpa-gu, Seoul
Business License

Business Area

Smart Car

With an advent of Smart Car Era, the dash cam market is expanded by products with advanced technologies
we are spurring to enter into international markets.

Business Area

New Business /Vietnam Smart LED Street Light (Access Point Business)

This is a large-scale smart streetlight project with $ 450 million over next three years,
partnership with the Vietnamese state-owned enterprise Tyson Group

It is possible to use as AP with specially developed Wi-Fi chip and special heat dissipation engine in LED Street light.

Business Area

New Business /Glimpse (AR Platform)

Glimpse is the world's first AR open source platform which is introduced
by global IT Company with Google Tango developers.

Business Area

New Business /Pilo

Pilo is a personal home health robot that manages the health of user’s family members

Pilo helps you and family member to take medication according to your doctors’ prescription. ESV has Filo's exclusive distribution right in Asia.

Financial Information
ESV’s financial information is available here

Stock Information

Public Disclosures

ESV Disclosure list
Filling Company Description Filing Date
이에스브이 임원ㆍ주요주주특정증권등소유상황보고서 2017.06.01
이에스브이 타법인주식및출자증권취득결정(자율공시) 2017.06.01
이에스브이 주식등의대량보유상황보고서(일반) 2017.05.31
이에스브이 임원ㆍ주요주주특정증권등소유상황보고서 2017.05.31
이에스브이 임원ㆍ주요주주특정증권등소유상황보고서 2017.05.25
이에스브이 최대주주변경 2017.05.24
이에스브이 조회공시요구(풍문또는보도)(최대주주 지분매각 추진설) 2017.05.24
이에스브이 본점소재지변경 2017.05.15
이에스브이 주권매매거래정지해제(액면분할 주권 변경상장) 2017.05.08
이에스브이 분기보고서 (2017.03) 2017.05.02
이에스브이 [기재정정]최대주주변경 2017.05.02
이에스브이 소속부변경 2017.04.28
이에스브이 임원ㆍ주요주주특정증권등소유상황보고서 2017.04.25
이에스브이 주식등의대량보유상황보고서(약식) 2017.04.25
이에스브이 주식등의대량보유상황보고서(약식) 2017.04.25
이에스브이 주식등의대량보유상황보고서(일반) 2017.04.21
이에스브이 임원ㆍ주요주주특정증권등소유상황보고서 2017.04.21
이에스브이 [기재정정]전환가액의조정(제1회차) 2017.04.19
이에스브이 신주인수권행사가액의조정(제1회차) 2017.04.18
이에스브이 전환가액의조정(제2회차) 2017.04.18

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